Terrapin has specialized in leather wallet  cases since 2006 and now owns a factory dedicated to their design and manufacture.

We make a range of covers from genuine leather and a range from PU leather.  The materials used are clearly stated in the product descriptions.  This is an explanation of both types:


Our genuine leather is made from cow hide.  The skin is treated using a process called tanning which gives it its notoriously soft texture and excellent durability.  You can normally spot genuine leather from its distinctive smell and its unique irregular surface texture.  It is one of the long wearing materials available and has a beautiful finish.


PU leather (sometimes called bi-cast leather), is a cheaper alternative to leather.  It’s made by adding a layer of polyurethane to a synthetic polymer base.  Nowadays no animal products are used which is good news for vegans and vegetarians.  It comes in a wide variety of colors, doesn’t fade in the sun and is easily cleaned.  The technology is now so good that it looks and feels almost exactly like leather and is a good low cost option.